Good day everyone, this is ESG Financial!!!

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank you for such active participation in our events and support in the development of ESG Financial.

We are happy to announce the winners of Teteru & Pino NFT Staking Verification Event!!!

1nd place (1) : 50USDT


2nd place (2) : 20USDT



3rd place (5): 5 ESG







Good day, this is ESG Financial.

Happy to announce, that we launch white list program on ECO NFT. Do not forget to register your NFTs sold on ECO NFT in white list.

White List Program

1. Registration conditions

: ESG Super Holders (20 users), ESG Master Holders (200 users)

2. White List Benefits

- 90% cashback from NFTs sold on ECO NFT (cash back on the last day of each month)

- Referrer eligibility for ESG SHIP (Super Holder Incentive Program).

: White List Referrers get 20% from referral harvest.

  • Details of ESG SHIP program will be announced separately.



Dear users, happy to announce New Event on ECO NFT!!!

Period: August 12–19

How to participate:

- Like, RT, leave a comment in the relevant post

- take a snapshot of Teteru and or Pino NFT currently staked.

- Fill google form

- Upload a snapshot on your Twitter, (do not forget to tag @ESG_Financial)

The users whose Tweets become the more active [likes, RT, Comments] will be selected and rewarded:

1st place (1): 50 USDT

2nd place (2): 20 USDT

3rd place (50): 5 ESG ERC-20


  • Google Form link:
  • Teteru and Pino NFTs can be purchased on ECO NFT