Eco DeFi opens voting to increase ESG distribution for ZIL supply

ESG Financial Platform
1 min readMar 28, 2022

Good day dear users, due to increasing interest in ZIL coin on Eco DeFi, we decided to open a voting process for increasing distribution for ZIL supply from 600 to 900 ESG tokens. All you need to do is vote for it.

How to vote?

- Buy ESG on Babyswap [ESG/USDT] []

- Go to Eco DeFi- Vote section []

- Vote for increasing distribution for ZIL supply on Eco DeFi [1ESG=1Vote]

Voting period: 22.03.26–22.04.02

Advantages of ECO DeFi

- Fully audited by Certik []

- Higher APY [rewards in ESG token],

- No lock-up period

About ESG token

- Network: BEP-20

- Best new project in Babyswap bottle as of Jan 17, 2022


- Winner in Babyswap bottle race as of Jan 24, 2022


Use cases of ESG token

- ESG tokens can be staked on Eco DeFi

- ESG holders have voting right on Eco DeFi

- ESG tokens can be traded on Babyswap [ESG/USDT]

- ESG holders can participate in investment in Renewable energy projects on Eco DeFi=> Eco Market and get additional profit guaranteed by Eco DeFi. [Eco market to be launched soon]

Eco DeFi community

Where to get BEP-20 ZIL?

BEP-20 ZIL coin can be purchased on Binance and PancakeSwap!

Binance Exchange:


ZILLIQA Communities: