ESG Financial Platform is participating in Synopsis 2022

Good day, dear users. Let us share some great news, starting from January 27–29, ESG Financial Platform is participating in one of the biggest online crypto/blockchain conferences in CIS Synopsis 4 [2022], hosted by Coindar and Colibri Group. On January 29 our key Speaker Aleksandr Li [Global Marketing Manager] will introduce the ESG Financial Platform.

Synopsis 4 is a 3-day international conference summarizing the ending year and predicting the major trends of 2022, including NFTs and a new approach to digital art, metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, eSports, and more. Along with ESG Financial Platform, 30 industry experts from top global projects such as Binance, Theta, Algorand, Exmo, and others will bring audience to the full immersion in the versatile Decentralized Finance and Digital Economy. The summit will be streamed on a selection of popular platforms, including YouTube and



ESG Financial Platform

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