ESG Financial Platform passed audit by Certik

Good day dear users!!!

Happy to announce, that ESG Financial Platform has successfully passed audit by Certik!!!

ESG Financial Platform has apllied for 2 audit Report from Certik:

  1. Audit for its BEP-20 Smart contract utilized on Eco DeFi
  2. Audit for ERC-20 ESG token which is a governance token of Eco DeFi
    On February 2022, Certik has issued Audit report stating the following findings:
  • Critical [0]
  • Major [0]
  • Medium [0]
  • Minor [0]
  • informational [1]

Therefore, based report, Eco DeFi platform and Eco DeFi Governance token ESG (ERC-20) are officially audited by projects by Certik

link for audit report:



ESG Financial Platform

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