How to use Eco DeFi on mobile device (IOS, Android)!

Good day! this is Eco DeFi.

Now users can enjoy Eco DeFi services on their mobile phones. The following is instructions for Iphone and Android devices!

Those who use Iphone can connect Metamask wallet, Android users can connect Token Pocket wallet.

How to connect Metamask Wallet App on Iphone.

  1. Download Metamask App!

2. Register Binance Smart Chain!

Once Metamask wallet is connected, go to Settings/Networks!

Enter the following information:

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain

RPC Url:

Chain ID : 56

Symbol : BNB

Block Explorer URL :

Binance Smart Chain network has been created!

3. Go to Metamask Browser and search for

How to connect Token Pocket Wallet APP on Android!

  1. Download TokenPocket Wallet App!

2. Create account!

Set PW=>create account=>click [I got it]. The account has been created!

3. In the bottom menu click [Discover] and enter [] in search bar=>click [I got it].




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