Launch of ZIL on Eco DeFi

Good day! This is Eco DeFi!

Eco DeFi will launch Zilliqa [ZIL] coin!

What is ZIL?

ZIL is a native token for the Zilliqa blockchain built to enable and scale decentralized apps, from financial services to NFT marketplaces.

Currently, USDT, USDC, BUSD, VAI, ETH, BTC, WBNB are available on Eco DeFi. By launching ZIL we provide more investment products for our users!

Launching new coin [ZIL] on Eco DeFi!

1. Schedule: March 3, (Wed), 15:00 (UTC+9)

2. Site: Eco DeFi platform (

3. ZIL will be available for supply and borrow on Eco DeFi!

Stay tuned!

ZILLIQA Communities:

- Twitter: []

- Telegram: []

- Discord: []



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