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2 min readApr 26, 2023

Good day dear users, this is ESG Financial!!

Following “ECO direction with the aim to raise awareness regarding “Endangered Animals”, happy to announce about new NFT collection being onboarded on ECO NFT Market.

Please welcome “Red Panda”

There are 5 characters in the collection, and each of them can be staked on ECO NFT so depending on the hash rate the price varies from 35 ESG to 100 ESG. Let us kindly warn you that the collection is limited, each NFT will be minted in 1000EA.

The details about NFT please check the table below:

Please note, that part of the sales will be donated to Endangered Animal Protection groups, and also to secure ESG price in the long term, part of the sales will be burned. For more details please check the table below!

Why Buy Red Panda NFT!!!

Reason #1 Mining

All purchased NFTs can be stacked so to bring additional profit to the holder.

  • Staking Pool is compounded from NFT Sales (35%) + ESG Foundation Rewards
  • 1+1 Sales. Buy just NFT and get 1 as a compliment from ESG Financial

Buy any of Sapiens, Adventure, or Engineer NFT and get 1 Pino NFT as a gift.

Buy any of Scientist or Space NFT and get 1 Teteru NFT as a gift

Reason #2 ESG Lottery

Every day we will select one of the NFT buyers and drop 50ESG


  • Buy any of Red Panda NFT
  • Rewards: 50 ESG (random)
  • Period: 1 month

Reason #3 SNS Reward

Upload Staking details (screenshot) in your own SNS and get 5ESG


  • Buy any of Red Panda NFT
  • Stake NFT in Staking pool
  • Upload Staking images in your own SNS (Twitter, TG, IG, etc.)
  • Fill Google form
  • Period: 1 month

Reason #4 Community Event

Extra 3 ESG for ESG Financial Telegram community members


  • Join Official> ESG Financial Platform Telegram group
  • Copy Pinned message and upload it to our Telegram community. (We will consider it as a welcoming message).
  • Retweet our Pinned Tweet
  • Fill Google Form
  • Every day we randomly select 50 users from eligible members and drop 3ESG
  • Period: 1 month

Notice: The staking option and event schedule will be enabled soon (to be announced)