Open quotes for ESG Master Holders

ESG Financial Platform
1 min readAug 22, 2022


Good day, this is ESG Financial.

We are starting new era of ESG voyage by opening quotes for ESG Master Holders on ECO NFT. Check the special benefits for ESG Master Holders and do not miss the chance to apply.

How to apply:

- Stake 5,000 ESG on ECO NFT.

Period: From August 22, 2022, until the quotes reach 200 spots (first -come, first -served basis)

ESG Master Holder Special Benefits:

  1. For white list holders (90% cashback from NFTs purchased on ECO NFT, at least 10ea).

2. Within 3 months (September-November) ESG airdrop. At the end of each month, 145ea+50ea ESG will be distributed.

3. Eligibility of becoming ESG SHIP Referrer (details to be announced).

4. Up to 15% of APY for staking ESG for 12 months.

5. Voting rights on ESG SHIP Program (once the voting system is introduced).

  • Details of ESG SHIP Program to be announced.
  • Cashback for purchased NFTs, at least 10ea.
  • Airdrop amount can be adjusted in 3 months.