Partnership Agreement on Content Development between Meetple and ECO NFT

On September 5th, The CEO of video chatting platform [Meetple]: Won Jung Kim and the CEO of NFT Marketplace [ECO NFT]: Kenny Han have announced about Partnership Agreement aiming to develop NFT content and extend mutual Eco Systems.

According to the agreement, ECO NFT will mint content NFT (photo, video, music, etc.) and hold marketing to 1.1M of Meetple users.

Through this cooperation, Meetple is expanding its business operations into NFT industry, while ECO NFT is adding new markets to the recently established renewable energy domain.

Being centered primarily on the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Starting from May 2021 MEETPLE expanded to education and consulting services. Besides US the project is planning to promote in South Korea. Meetple native token “MPT” is listed and actively traded on Bittrex, Dcoin, Lbank exchanges.

ECO NFT is an NFT investment marketplace, where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are minted and provided for staking and sale. Here users can find various categories of NFTs such as renewable energy futures, various content, IP, P2E games, original NFTs and many others. The project attracted wide attention due to listing its governance tokens ESG (ERC-20) on one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges ‘’ in April 2022.

Source: TGdaily



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