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2 min readAug 30, 2022

Good day, this is ESG Financial.

Happy to announce, that all quotes for “ESG Super Holder program” are sold out. We sincere appreciate your trust and support. We are starting new era of ESG voyage by launching “ESG SHIP” (Super Holder Incentive Program).

With the aim to expand ESG ecosystem, we have developed a special #Staking #Program that is addressed to ESG Super Holders but any ESG holder can participate. Special Staking Program is developed on smart contract deployed on Ethereum. Do not forget to join us in the voyage of the constant ESG governance.

Start Date: September 1, 2022, at 17:00 (UTC+9)

ESG SHIP (Super Holder Incentive Program) details

ESG SHIP URL: to be announced on the Start day.

About ESG SHIP (Super Holder Incentive Program)

1. ESG Super Holder Staking Pool configuration: development of separate staking pools for ESG Super Holders, with 50% APY.

ESG SHIP application form (available only for Super Holders):

2. Referral staking system:

2.1 Referrer benefits: every time referrals apply for harvest from staking, 20% of the harvest is distributed to referrer.

2.2 Referrer eligibility

a. ESG Super Holders and Master holders from White List are eligible by default. (Starting from September 1, 2022 they can start referring activities.)

b. Referrers not registered in White List can recommend new holders (referrals) after staking 1,000 ESG in ESG SHIP (available from September 8)

Notice: Incentives (20%) to Referrers are applicable only if referrals harvest from Staking at least 1,000 ESG.

3. How to connect Referrers with Referrals!

Register Referral wallet address on Referrer Staking Page


a. Referrals can be registered before they apply for Staking (Post-Staking registration is not available)
b. Registration of new holders charges gas fee (Ethereum)

c. Each Referral can be registered only once

d. Referral may not register Referrer wallet

4. If Staking Pool TVL of ESG Super Holder reaches 100,000 ESG, 8% of the Harvest amount will be separately distributed (Distribution is proceeded in DAO format, under Super Holder proposal).

*Special Rewards

1. Incentives to TOP 3 from ESG Super Holder Staking Pool (payment-every 6 months)

2. Referrer with outstanding performance will be promoted to White List. Only Referrers can apply for SHIP Staking Pool.


- APY might fluctuate according to ESG price.

- Eligibility for Referrer can be changed in the future.

- Since ESG SHIP is deployed on decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract, the gas fee to be charged.