Strategic Partnership between ECO PLANET and AI Blue on Development and Marketing Voluntary Carbon Reduction Project “Zero Quest”

ESG Financial Platform
2 min readMay 3, 2023

- Signed a Strategic Partnership agreement between ECO PLANET and AI Blue on the development and marketing Voluntary Carbon Reduction Project “ZeroQuest

On May 3rd, 2023, “ECO PLANET” and blockchain development company “AI BLUE” announced about signed Strategic Partnership on the development and marketing Voluntary Carbon Reduction Project “ZeroQuest”.

About ZeroQuest:

ZeroQuest is Web 3.0 application that provides a lifestyle in which users can voluntarily reduce carbon emissions in their lives and receive rewards accordingly. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) items are minted in the form of the NFT and can be purchased on ECO NFT Market being operated by ESG Financial. In the newly launched Zero Quest platform ESG NFTs are available for staking with an objective reward system encouraging users to practice ESG Life and preserve the environment. Zero Quest Web 3.0 provides to global users the ownership of the Voluntary Carbon Reduction data verified by IoT, Blockchain, and AI.

How does ZeroQuest work?

In Zero Quest, developed by ESG Financial, users can receive ESG points as a reward for practicing ESG Life such as planting trees, riding eco-bikes, using public transportation to/from work, using (multiuse) tumblers, switching to Electric Vehicles and many others. The more users practice voluntary carbon reduction in daily life, the more ESG points are provided, which can be used when purchasing NFTs. ESG points can be swapped for ESG tokens at any time, and then swapped ESG tokens can be sold on the cryptocurrency exchange. Voluntary carbon reduction credits secured by ESG financial will be issued in form of the NFTs and available for purchase to ESG holders. Additionally, by cooperation with globally acknowledged verification bodies such as ‘Vera’, the company is planning to secure carbon credit and enable them to trade on exchanges.

By developing services that allow users to practice ESG Life and invest in renewable energy with the objective system, ESG Financial creates an ecosystem where Voluntary Carbon Reduction can be secured. Starting from Korea, ESG Financial will expand the ‘ZeroQuest’ ecosystem to global markets.