ESG Financial Platform
2 min readMar 6


Good day everyone, this is ESG Financial!!!

Happy to announce, that today on March 6, the SWAP for “WALK” of Mining Walk and “ESG” of ESG Financial is officially open on the Mining Walk application

About Mining Walk:

Listed in PancakeSwap (v2) Mining Walk is a multichain platform supporting Solana, Polygon, and Algorand networks. The concept of the project lies in encouraging users to walk by providing a reward system.

About ZeroQuest:

The ESG Financial Project is targeting a private market for carbon reduction, which is one of the most serious global environmental issues. We are developing a platform for securing emission rights through “Voluntary Carbon Reduction”. For the world we live in, we propose the ESG LIFE style so both corporates and individuals had a chance to fulfill their social responsibilities. In the “Voluntary Carbon Reduction” market, which has been rapidly expanding since it was certified in the Paris Agreement in 2015, we are developing ZeroQuest which combines blockchain and artificial intelligence. Users can practice ESG life by purchasing NFT and receiving ESG points.
With received ESG points users can purchase new NFTs and generate profits by swapping points with ESG tokens (currently listed on Gate io).
By integrating blockchain technologies ESG Financial implements user-oriented ESG practices backed by a reward system.

ESG Financial:


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